Monday, June 30, 2014

[Video] FrontStreet Feat. Law G - Ray Allen

Good Life Music Group presents - Ray Allen (FrontStreet featuring Law G) Twitter - @frontstree | @lawg100 IG - @frontstree | @law_goodlife

[Single] The Redland - No Sleep

Born and raised in the Redlands of Oklahoma and Louisiana respectively, Kose and Earv were naturally inspired to call the music duo they would go on to form 'The Redland.' But once their individual forms of expression crossed paths and began to meld into a dynamic sound that they considered a "state of mind" and a "voice that brings people together,” The Redland transcended the reference of simply being where they’re from to becoming an all-inclusive artistic movement. 

Earv and Kos, whose collective influences run the gamut from John Lennon and Bob Marley to The Fugees and OutKast (artists known for their culture-shifting musical contributions), met while matriculated at Morehouse college in Atlanta, GA. Atlanta – which they’ve also adopted as part of their origins - and the Southern Hip Hop culture that defined it became fertile ground for the two, individually, to more deeply explore their musical talents. Then those talents collided. Through either happenstance or fate, it was discovered while in the midst of hanging out with mutual friends that Earv had an affinity for writing and Kos was a capable vocalist and producer. So, the pair decided to play around with creating music together. But what began as playful experimentation turned into production of a unique and compelling sound that deserved to be taken more seriously. Defined as Hip Hop for practical purposes, Earv’s and Kos’s conscious lyrics and hybrid sound - which seamlessly incorporates the myriad genres they were exposed to growing up - began to take on a life of its own. They began hearing their music played by friends and strangers and seeing it gaining momentum on social networking sites without their intervention. That and the realization that Hip Hop as they saw it was stuck in one gear, hitting the same "I'm richer, can get drunker and can have more sex than you” note is when they began seeing their contribution to the art form as more of a responsibility than “having fun.” Things took off from there and The Redland officially became a “Hip Hop movement born out of the soil,” representing those who desired to hear and be heard. 
 “We want the fans to feel they're a part of this inclusive group and they have a say in our direction and the type of music we make," they said. "We also try to look at ourselves honestly and really get that across to our audience. We don't let the genre define us, we define our own music and we're just ourselves. We feel like we have something to say, something to make an impact and we feel like it's something that's needed.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

DJ Winn › Yung Pallo - Free Dope

Yung Pallo - Free Dope
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pallo freedope
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Friday, June 27, 2014

[Video] Produkt - Hold It Down

Hip Hop is life, power, and expression. Hip Hop transcends race, class and cultures. It has been the voice for those who have been marginalized and oppressed. Rap Renegade Produkt is the embodiment of true Hip Hop. Produkt is a breath of fresh air in a era where “Copy Cat” rappers rule. Produkt delivers vivid rhymes and smooth flows. His skillful wordplay and witty metaphors paint precise pictures. And his cadence and penmanship are top-notch. The rapper shows off a complete package of artistry. Produkt’s charismatic personality exudes swagger and he has gained the respect of hard core Hip Hop fans from across the globe. Moreover, his matinee idol good looks have resulted into a growing fan base among females as well. Produkt is a Rap juggernaut infused with a perfect blend of rebellious rage and charismatic cool. In recent months Produkt has made a tremendous impact with his hit singles “Hold It Down” and “Freak Affair.” The singles are garnering accolades and airplay on college radio stations and mixshows from around the country. Additionally, the music videos for his songs have received over 1 MILLION views among various blogs including, and “Come Get Me” has amassed over 70,000 real views on YouTube and “Father Forgive Me” has achieved over 71,000 real views on YouTube in just a couple of months. “I am building a solid movement one fan at a time,” states the rapper. Produkt’s team puts heavy emphasis on visuals and image. In fact, some people assume that he is already a major label artist due to the superior visual presentation that he displays. In addition, Produkt’s impressive presence on WorldstarHipHop and other blogs has led to him receiving a clothing sponsorship from L.E.S. clothing. Equally Important, One of Produkt’s unique selling propositions is that he has actually lived the life he raps about. His music incorporates an element of realism and rawness that is authentic and seldom seen on today’s independent musical landscape. Produkt is of Puerto Rican heritage and the legendary rapper Big Pun is one of his biggest influences. “Big Pun taught me that in order to stand out as a Hispanic in the Hip Hop culture, you need to be larger than life,” raves the emcee. Via Concore ENT

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[Mixtape] Reno Sosa - Plugs & Juggs

Indie Artist Reno Sosa (@Reno_Sosa) is on the rise. Currently pushing his mixtape, Plugs & Juggs, which has hosting by Cool Running DJs very own DJ Norfcak, and DJ Ace. This mixtape is doing very well on Live Mixtapes, so today we ask that you download, listen, play, vote, and support. Be on the lookout for official single releases.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

[Single] Gillie Da Kid ft Waka Flocka, Freeway, and Kief Brown - Shootaz

Gillie Da Kid (@gilliedakid) release Shootaz off his King Gillie "K.O.P. 3" the acronym for "KING OF PHILLY 3" Mixtape. This track features Waka Flocka Freeway, and Kief Brown. Dj Epps is actively pushing this artist and record. Download and Support the community acclaimed King Of Philly.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

[Single] T-Raw ft Crit - Get It

College Hill Music Group's very own T-Raw (@Traw813) is back with a brand new single that's going to take the clubs by storm. T-Raw has spent quite some time traveling both nationally and internationally. Throughout these trips he has taken his music with him and thanks to the fans, djs, and record breakers the choice to release "Get It" was made. "Get It" features T-Raw and Crit, both dropping strong lyrics behind a production that is easy to vibe to, but will get the dance floor moving also. If you never had the chance to hear T-Raw, you will not want to stop at this record and for those that have heard T-Raw before than you can see he is not slowing down. Fans have already said "T-Raw came back like he left something" but in all honesty, T-Raw never left. Press Play, Listen, Download and add "Get It" to your playlist today.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

[Single] Jaytizal - Doin My Thang

Joshua "Jaytizal" Sharp (@Jaytizal) was born March 2nd 1988. He was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK where he struggled in school and stuggled with his father not being present. Jaytizal knew that he wanted to be a rapper by the age of 11. He started out by making beats on the video game MTV Music Generator on his playstation. He fell in love with the craft after he seen the response his mother gave after hearing her son express himself on his explict and angry song entitled "Problem Child". Jaytizal started to hustle to get money for studio time and went around the city of Oklahoma networking and giving out free copies of his 4 track CD entitled "OKC BOY". One song caught the ear of a local DJ and made it to radio and soon Jaytizal was doing local shows with a crowd full of girls. Hustling finally caught up to Jaytizal and he found himself in Federal Prison and his career on hold. After being in and out of prison 3 times and no more probation, Jaytizal let's it be known that he is completely focused and has finally grown as a man and as an artist. In his own words, "I finally found myself".

[Video] Sonny Spoon Feat. GFB - Living The Life + MP3

Born and raised in Macon, GA. Sonny Spoon (@SonnySpoon3000) is an underground rap legend, known globally for his hit single THE DIRTY BIRD, written for the Atlanta Falcons during their Super Bowl run in 1998, but on the streets of Macon and Atlanta, Ga Spoon is known as one of Georgia’s Rap Legends. Spoon expanded his career by Collaborating with hip hop heavyweights such as Young Jeezy, T.I., T-Pain, Cee-Lo, Bun-B, Scarface, E-40 and networked with many more. After serving 6 years in Federal Prison on drugs and gun charges, Sonny hit the ground running with the importance of the streets he left behind. The underground legend used his popularity to spearhead a Stop The Violence Tour in the different neighborhoods to keep at risk youth busy with constructive things to do, which he intends to take National. His message and delivery gives audiences an up close and personal view of the streets while providing an alternative lifestyle. The Underground Legend Sonny Spoon is back home, in the studio working on the up coming GFB album, which is slated for an August 2014 release. The first single, Living The Life, featuring Traxskematyx, Breezy 4 Sho and Chancellor AKA (LiL-C), which is available on “Itunes”, is gaining a lot of momentum amongst industry insiders.
Click [Here] To Download

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

[Single] Issa - Hundo

If Hip-Hop is a young man's game then 19 year old Issa (@IssaIam) is an upcoming MC prepping to take it over. Issa's most recent accomplishment was signing with power label "Good Life Music Group" and having the one and only Streets A&R, Bigga Rankin assist in taking him and his massive movement to a higher level. In 2010, at a mere 15 years old, Issa signed to RCA Records and the versatile rapper is bringing youthful, yet mature and lyrical content to the rap game. The Atlanta area is buzzing about Issa's two mixtapes, titled "King Issa," and "Back to The Future" which he dropped over the last two years. The latest tape "King Issa" truly showcases his growth from the first (Back to the future). His 3rd installment entitled Lost Prophet is a more Mature project and reaches an older crowd, yet he still reaches the younger generation with some tracks off the tape. People have been quoted saying "If this is what his mixtapes are like, I can only imagine what an album is going to sound like." Wherever this rising rap star chooses to go, a legion of fans is sure to be listening and following. With his viral fan base vastly growing by numbers daily he is soon to not only take over the US but the World. Issa will be a household name.

[Single] Papa Duck - Vibing

Hailing from this overlooked corner of the map, rapper/producer Papaduck (@PapaDuck1) has been rippin' stages across the map and building a groundswell of support in the streets the rap game hasn't seen in years. Famous for having some of the richest soil in the world, Belle Glade, Florida not only produces most of the country's sugarcane but also one of the most innovative artists of the new millennium. Backed by respected music veteran Bigga Rankin and Florida's Big Spenda Ent., the underground legend has built his fan base the old fashioned way, connecting directly with the people through grassroots hustlin'. A hip-hop star in the making that can create bangin' tracks and gutter lyrics, Papaduck had to overcome many of life's hurdles to make it to this point. Surrounded by poverty, he found himself swept up in the streets at an early age and wound up getting kicked out of high school. With his life spiraling out of control and towards an inevitable dead end, Papaduck received some impactful advice from his older brother JB, who had his own issues with the law and stepped in to steer the wayward teen in a different direction. It was at that point that Papaduck left the thug life alone for good and turned to music. Today we present his latest track "Vibing", which is sure to get the fans up out their seat and to the dance floor. Listen, Download, Support, and Share.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

[Single] Boss Major - Whippin

Who Is Boss Major Boss Major (@BossMajorAMG) is the example of turning crumbs into a loaf of bread. Boss Major and his family grew up in rodent infested homes and dangerous projects of Chicago. He engaged into the streets not because of girls or nice cars but money so he can feed his sister and younger brothers. Influenced by his father and his street activities so like all else the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree. Determined to be his own man and not a shadow of his father "he got it how he lived" he states and nothing more into his personal doings. He felt there were no other options. A best friend named (Vizion) introduced him to music which they recorded their first song on a tape with tissue on both sides and a pair of headphones. He has been writing since he was 13 and he's been in love with music ever since his first recording. Boss Major later created his own record label Mafia Muzik Group which represents a lifestyle. The word Mafia represents terms of family, structure, Loyalty, and also the not so great that comes with it from the media. Hardships continued For Boss Major but he kept his head held high. Music was an outlet and a goal to achieve by any means. He had to make a change, set rules for the family, being a role model was a hard job considering he was still a kid forced into a grown up world. The way Boss Major handles things are aggressive but affective so once he combined street knowledge with a wall street mind frame Boss Major and Mafia Muzik Group shall be unstoppable. His music talks of passion, fun times, bad times, family, and everyday life of the streets. The life of Boss Major is still yet to be untold but don't sleep on him, This is only the beginning of a BOSS!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

[Video] NazB - Shame

NazB is originally a Nigerian rapper who has claimed huge success as one among the best hip hop stars of Switzerland. He believes in utilizing his music for humanitarian causes. For more information on NazB’s Shame, visit Top international rapper NazB has recently released his new singled titled “Shame” voicing strong protest against the heinous crime of rape. Featuring US RnB singer-celeb Dior, the single is meant to donate its sales profits to notable Swiss charity organization Weisser Ring. “Rape is no doubt the heinous most crime against one”, asserted the popular Swiss rapper while speaking on his new video. He added, “The damage posed by rape is as much emotional as it is physical. In fact, the physical injury might heal up but it might take long years to heal up the emotional trauma. Sometimes, the emotional trauma might never heal.” NazB believes that music is of no value if it does to step to heal or raise voice for a cause. Speaking further on his new video, the Swiss hip hop star stressed that the recently released “Shame” is his bit towards the support of the rape victims around the world. “Music is just useless till it’s utilized to espouse some cause or heal up hearts. This video is my bit of support towards the society which has backed me always”, stressed the rapper.

[Single] Levi Belle - Dollaz

Levi Belle (@LeviBelle) comes to the game with a fresh voice. Youth and creativity have created some of hip-­hop’s greatest artists. The vibrancy of a young mind with something to say and the courage to say it has been the basis of the genres’ evolution in the music industry. Belle was born and raised in Cocoa, Florida. Raised in a large family, helmed by his aunt and uncle, he remembers his early exposure to music coming from his uncle, who loved classic, pop, and soul artists; like Al Green, James Brown, and The Beach Boys and played them around the house. While his love for music was nurtured through various gifts on birthdays and holidays, it was his cousin who introduced him to the likes of Lauryn Hill, 2Pac, The Notorious BIG and others. He gravitated to hip-­hop and by the age of 8 he was writing his own rhymes and recording over old tapes to practice his sound and delivery as well as to challenge his creativity. As he grew older, he began recording with his cousin who charged him $10 a song and while he never recorded a full project, he took his opportunity to shine at an end of the year event at school in which he rapped a freestyle that was ‘thank you’ to the teachers. The positive response confirmed his dream to be an artist. “Ever since I noticed people would pay attention to me, I wanted to be seen and heard,” Belle says. “I just wanted to wait until the right time. I know people are receptive to different things at different time so timing is everything.” Click [Here] For Full Bio.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

September Soul Music presents Corey Cross

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The Man… He’s real; he’s soulful. His music is emotional and inspiring. He’s Corey Cross and his talent will simply move you. Growing up a white kid in the hardened projects of Lexington, Kentucky, then leaving there as a teenager to join the United States Army, Corey’s tough life experiences have helped mold the character and strength that define this singer/songwriter and his amazing musical gift. His life has been about crossing boundaries and his music is a reflection of that.
The Music… A prolific songwriter, Corey has built a tremendous song catalog. Hiscurrent artist recording project “Extremes” includes his original material and ranges from gutsy and funky dance tunes like “Go To Guy” & “Nights” - to emotional love ballads like “I Love Your Face”, “Twisted”, “Can’t U See”, “Wichita Lineman” and the debut LP title track “Extremes”, with soulful mid-tempos “Dance With Me” & “She’s Like Sunshine” added to the collection, all with universal and commercial appeal. The Journey Continues… Destined to join the ranks of legendary hit-makers, Corey’s musical journey continues as the highly anticipated debut recording artist on the all-new label, September Soul Music with exciting new hit music coming soon!. Stayed tuned for many thrilling things to come from this dynamic new singer/songwriter!
Crossing Boundaries… From humble beginnings to Hollywood and beyond, watch for this rising star on the horizon! Corey Cross deserves the world and the world deserves the music of Corey Cross!
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

[Mixtape] Burga - Never Broke Again WRNR

Antonio Gordon aka Burga (@Burga321), was born and raised in Melbourne, Florida which is located in Brevard County or as Burga likes to call it, Count Down County 321. As the second oldest child of five, his family has always been paramount in his life. Even as a youth Burga remembers having a deep admiration for his parents and their marriage. His oldest brother K-Lo tops the list of his musical influences. K-lo is the one that sharpened Burga's rap skills by engaging in mock rap battles with him. As for the majors, Burga states that 2Pac, the Notorious BIG, Lil Wayne, and Young Jeezy are among the most influential. Burga's life took a turn during his early high school years when his family started experiencing financial difficulties and he felt compelled to help, which cause him to partake in street hustling. Soon later, Burga's attention was solely on hustling and music, which placed school on the back burner and he eventually dropped out in the tenth grade. Years later after several mixtapes and hundreds of shows Mr. Say My Name is ready to take it to the next level with his new label and brand NBA MOB. The acronym stands for Never Broke Again Money Over Sh** and that is his main focus. Burga states, It's all about mindset, fell me, being bout your business. Get money, flip it, take care of ya family, be motivated out here, and never give up. If you on that come vibe with the Mob. Hosting his new street album Never Broke Again is one other than the Street's A&R Bigga Rankin. Bigga states on the mixtape Florida, this is the hardest mixtape in 2014, we got us one. The street album will surely please true core Burga fans. Mixed by 250 Plus the CD has a natural vibe which you can ride to. Burga captures the streets again and true music fans with real life and radio friendly records. Burga's music is undeniable and the WRNR stamp of approval was definitely long over due.