Thursday, September 24, 2015

[Single] Johnny Cinco (@1JohnnyCinco) - Understand Me

Johnny Cinco (@1JohnnyCinco) links up w. Bigga Rankin to release his latest record "Understand Me". Listen and Support today!

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Monday, September 21, 2015

[Single] Kataztrofee (@Kataztrofee) - No Love​

Kataztrofee (@Kataztrofee) links up w/ Young Dolph and together they release the hot new record "No Love." Catch Kataztrofee on tour w/ Bigga Rankin's Street N Greet campaign.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

[Mixtape] Cmore Stacks (@_DaWrapper) - Wrap Muzik

CMORE STACKS (@_DaWrapper) "Wrap Muzik" WRNR mixtape, Hosted by Bigga Rankin & Southern Bang Djs. Powered by Team Bigga Rankin and The Promo Vatican presented by Network ENT. &Real Nigga Radio.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

[Single] J Spoolz (@JSpoolz) - F.U.T.S.

Who is J Spoolz

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a city popularized by its humble steel background, successful sports teams, and its blue collar attitude. As a Pittsburgh native, J-Spoolz brings these elements to the forefront of Hip-hop music, giving you a glimpse into growing up in the Steel City. A solo artist, J Spoolz has been putting his thoughts to the page for over 10 years. Gaining popularity in the city with his first release, “The Way I See It”, was just the beginning of the road ahead. Focused and assertive, Spoolz began spreading his name and his music past the boundaries of Pittsburgh. Garnering interest and respect, Spoolz continues to spread his music to the masses. With the ever growing attention, he’s been on the road touring the country all while consistently releasing top quality music with his “Pittsburgh State of Mind” and “Obsessions and Hangovers” series (hosted by DJ Averi Minor). As a follow up to the recently released Obsessions and Hangovers vol. 2: The Game’s Earl Manigult, J Spoolz is currently working on “The Dreamers EP” featuring the smash hit singles “F.U.T.S.”(F*ck Up the Summer) ft. LiveSosa and “Can’t Run Away” ft. Jovan Dais and Shad Star prod. By Nasty BeatMakers. The Dreamers EP is slated for a winter release.

Checkout "Runaway" the Video

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

[Single] Toni Valli (@toni_valli) - Bad A$$

Toni Valli(@Toni_Valli) native of Atlanta, GA is back with a follow-up to "Been Had". We are proud to release "Bad A$$", which is produced by Luney Tunez. Make sure to keep up with Toni Valli and his campaign, videos are coming soon.

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[Single] Bigga Rankin (@BiggaRankin00) ft @1CoolAmerika & @YoungDolph - 1 of 1

Alliance Music Group , Team Bigga Rankin & Empire Distribution Present: Bigga Rankin ft Cool Amerika & Young Dolph "1 of 1" Available on the "Bigga Is Betta" EP dropping 2015.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

[Single] Bron (@401Bron) ft CAP-1 - Gotta Eat

Yardmon F.A.M presents new music by BRON featuring CAP-1 titled "GOTTA EAT". Radio and Club versions included.

Connect w/ Bron: Twitter: @401Bron Instagram: Bron401 Facebook: Facebook/Lebron401 Business Contact: Marlon (Manager) Label: Yardmon F.A.M Phone: 678.994.7370

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

[Mixtape] RayFace (@RayFaceSMM) - Chronic Ambition

Ray Face (@RayFaceSMM) has been through it all, the worse and the worst, prior to discovering his musical niche. A native of Houston’s north side but he maintains residence in Los Angeles as well. His parents decided to end their union and shared the custody of him with their relatives. While being in his aunts’ care, Ray developed a close bond with the streets which introduced him to the dark world of crime. The lack of structure caused Ray to seek solace in his street family. By his adolescent years, he was already making money by selling illegal substances. After several run-ins with the law Ray had to serve hard time as a result of his actions.
The layers of his sad childhood, forced him to become a natural born leader, which led to him being respected in the streets. After discovering that he had a way with words, Ray decided to embark on his music career. Incorporating his street knowledge while applying savvy business tactics will soon lead to Ray dominating the rap scene. Not only does he plan to record, he also plans to spearhead many other lucrative business ventures.
While most rookies enter the game on the ground level he is already a step above his peers. Ray has already secured hits from Super Producer TA as well as being under the direction of media/public relations guru Lavish Ways. With this dynamic duo backing his soon to be sensational career, failure is not an option. While he has not slated a release date for his project the streets are patiently waiting. The once D-boy turned hit maker has a strong social presence to go along with his powerful demeanor. Ray’s life story could easily be depicted in film but he is still adding pages to the script. His avid supporters along with his new found fans, will easily propel Ray, to a level beyond his predecessors.

Connect w/ RayFace: Twitter/Instagram: @RayFaceSMM Contact: Lavish Ways 337-230-5500 (