Monday, August 23, 2021

Fayn “God's Grace” Music Video | @faynmusic ft Arlon

Fayn opened up and delivered motivation for us all on his latest Will Notes produced “God’s Grace”. Bringing in Arlon to round out this masterpiece, we got an idea of how he’s preserved and healed while achieving what he set out to do. We now present you with an equally impactful visual. Press play and watch today!

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MightyLee “Shoot Out” Single ft JAYARSON

Hailing from one of music’s most famous families, MightyLee is making his mark on the entertainment industry.

MightyLee, the nephew of Bryan “Birdman” Williams (“Baby”) and brother of the late great rapper Lil Derrick is on a mission to make certain New Orleans continues to be known as an entertainment mecca.

MightyLee’s most recent offering, “Shoot Out”, features another one of New Orleans’ favorite sons, JAYARSON. “Shoot Out” is the first offering off of the duo’s upcoming collaboration album entitled, “Mighty Chulo”. Together, the two are set to make an indelible impression that won’t soon be forgotten. The visuals are filmed by @hv3visuals.

The single is available for download and streaming on all digital platforms.

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Instagram: @official_mightylee @_jayarson

Saturday, August 21, 2021

LKeys "I Got Mine" Video | @LKeys303

LKeys and WA Management Service came through in the clutch with what we like to call, “street gospel” with the record "I Got Mine". LKeys redefines what it is to stay ready for any and everything. We promised you the official video was coming soon and today we make it happen. Press play and support this top notch visual from LKeys.

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Jboiybp "Crack" Music Video | @jboiybp ft Juugman

JBoiYBP and YBP Entertainment are going crazy after a two-year hiatus with new single "Crack" produced by DJ C3nturii. The Griffin, GA. native features the street's favorite hustler, Juugman (Aka Yung Ralph) on this new quality street record. We now deliver the official music video for "Crack", so press play and watch it today.

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Rely Emerson "Mood Swings" Music Video | @RelyEmerson

Rely Emerson, delivers the much anticipated music video for his recently dropped “Mood Swings”. Press play and watch as he puts a visual to this celebratory and relatable track, which gives you insight into what he is feeling. “Mood Swings” features production by super producer Zuri and inspiring vocals by Rely Emerson, watch it today.

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LKeys "Gotta Get It" Video | @LKeys303

LKeys, presented by WA Management Service delivered nothing short of an instant classic with his single “Gotta Get It”. “Gotta Get It” is a testament to what it means to be dedicated and chase success, no matter the cost. Press play and watch the official music video.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Introducing The Swave

While The Swave™ is a relatively new term to music fans, it will not be long before it becomes globally known and recognized.

The Swave™ is comprised of Lil D Money and Jezzy Baby, two rising stars who, despite their young age, are putting in a massive amount of work to reach the next level in entertainment. Both of these young men are talented songwriters and performers. They hail from the cultural mecca of New Orleans, Louisiana – or more exactly, New Orleans East. Their mission is to entertain and embrace their fans and in the process of doing so. They are also heavily involved with the House of Blues’ Music Forward, as well as being philanthropists, always giving back to their community.
The Swave™ is signed to the Crescent City’s very own Whatalife Music Collective, a New Orleans based music brand. The duo already has quite a few performances under their belt. When asked where they see themselves in 5 years, they responded that The Swave™ will have become a stellar success that leads them to be able to provide for their families, while enjoying their accomplishments that will include Grammy nominations and awards along with a solid gold legacy in entertainment. Their fashion sense and attractive style will lend to their success. They are at home with the Whatalife Collective and have plans to represent them to the fullest.
While The Swave™ cites The Migos, NBA Youngboy, Post Malone, Jeezy, Trippy Red, and Roddy Rich as their major musical influences, The Swave™ is confident they will become entertainment icons in their own right. And there is little to no doubt that they will achieve that goal. Their drive, talent and determination will set them up to take their place among the stars of their generation.


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Boorook "Inner Guidance" Album | @Boorook3

Boorook’s new record Inner Guidance is from a spiritual place on a cultural level with uplifting vibes which are a reflection of his altruistic intentions of creating positive music & an entire evolution Of Sound In 2021! Boorook's crossover style of his own is infused with indigenous Rap, R&B, and soulful Pop/Electro versatile sound, socially conscious lyricism, intensely audible emotion, & absolutely unbreakable spirit to raise the universal consciousness to move the mind, body, and soul. As thought-provoking as it is uplifting, as unique as it is unifying, as endearing as it is entertaining – the songs he’s written for his new album have been created in a sincere effort to generate exactly what the title implies – Inner Guidance


Flori Da Don "Gs Live Long" Single

Flori Da Don releases new single "Gs Live Long". "Gs Live Long" is a statement that means, whether real Gs are alive or dead, they will forever live through their reputation and contributions to the street life. Check out the audio today and support Flori Da Don.

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Instagram: floridadonmusic | Facebook: Kenny Rogers

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Nique Got-It “Marathon” Video | @NiqueGot_It

Nique Got-It and CMC Ent. LLC presents the official video to the Muskegon, MI. rapper and recording artist, latest single "Marathon", produced by D. Wade, an instant street classic. Stay tuned, we will be hitting you with the lyric video soon. Run The Bag Up, young brothers and sisters, it's a Marathon to the Money!

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Nick Da Dude "Legends Never Die Vol 1" Album | @NickDa8up

Modern rap music demonstrates two facts - one, lyricism is nearly a lost art and two, New Orleans’ unique history and culture births some legendary lyricists. Meet Nick Da Dude, a real rapper who shows off his lyrical prowess on every track. His “Legends Never Die, Volume 1” just dropped and it’s already being well received by fans and industry experts alike. He is from New Orleans’ 8th Ward and he works hard to keep the Downtown area on the map, promising to make the best of the remainder of 2021.
“Legends Never Die, Volume 1” is presented by Organize Thinkers and delivers real rap and exclusive features from Eazymoney and Skip. The 15-track masterpiece is the first in the “Legends Never Die” Series.

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Monday, August 2, 2021

Gulie Barz “Bounce That” Single | @guliebarz

The BarBarian, New Orleans artist/songwriter Gulie Barz, is back with another high energy single, “Bounce That”. This New Orleans original has one of the most extensive vocabularies and a quick, witty and lyrical delivery as any rapper in modern music and trust us, it shows.
“Bounce That” is the follow-up to “All About the Benjamins” and is set to be a widely acclaimed single. Gulie Barz has already performed the song in several recent concerts and let’s just say, he has a hit on his hands.

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Zavian "One Time" Single & Video

Following up on his hit R&B single, “Night”, Whatalife Music Collective artist and Music Forward favorite son Zavian has dropped “One Time”. This rousing single is one for the books and a song that’s poised to help bring back real R&B.
Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Zavian is a seasoned crooner who is closing ranks on the competition. Known mostly for his smooth R&B/Pop style, Zavian has the unique ability of being able to easily transfer into rap. Zavian recently began a mini-tour that started with an Unplugged performance with Music Forward ’ House of Blues. Zavian is also a philanthropist at heart and he gives back to the community in a huge way.

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Be on the lookout for much more from Zavian. His music will set the remainder of 2021 on fire!

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